O U T  N O W,   Y O U R   M E T A D R I V E   E X P E R I E N C E 



Metadrive are an Italian electronic band formed in 2014 between Mantova and Verona.
The line-up consist of Luca Adami (lead vocals, keyboards, songwriting),
Silvio Rondelli (keyboards, programming, bass guitar, backing vocals, songwriting)
and Davide Rondelli (drums, percussions, songwriting).
Space-rock sensations music in the English language
with broad concessions to the synth-wave, space and alternative rock,
their new sound is inspired by artists like M83, Depeche Mode, U2, kavinsky.

The band’s latest work is “Over Reality”, released on Ma.Ra.Cash Records.
Digital and anologic instruments are different parts of the same beating heart.


I Metadrive sono una band elettronica italiana formatasi tra Mantova e Verona nel 2014.
I tre componenti / compositori sono: Luca Adami (voce, keyboards),
Silvio Rondelli (Keyboards, synth-bass, programming, cori)
e Davide Rondelli (batteria e percussioni).
Atmosfere space-rock in lingua inglese
lasciano spazio al synth-wave, allo space e alternative rock.
Il loro suono innovativo prende ispirazione da artisti come M83, Depeche Mode, U2, Kavinsky.
L’ultimo lavoro della band si chiama “Over Reality” uscito per Ma.Ra.Cash Records.
Strumenti analogici e digitali come sezioni distinte in un unico cuore 



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